Thursday, March 24, 2011

End of Class for the 2nd year


Officially by today, the end of class for my 2nd year..

The most touching parts when each of my lecturers ask forgiveness if they had done any wrongdoings intentionally or unintentionally. forgiveness that i could feel very sincerely,seriously and deeply..

Its seem like they do great sins toward their students.. Reversely, the student (myself) should ask their forgiveness and not in other way round..

Im quite 'noty' for this semester.. im quite 'busy' for this semester.. and im quite 'lazy' for this semester..

But only ALLAH knows everythings externally and internally..

Oh My Lord! Oh ALLAH..U gave a gift for me; the teachers that very committed in their teaching..caring for their students regardless any background, colour, skin, social class..loving their students like their own flesh blood..

Oh ALLAH! Please forgive me..I never appreciate whatever U gave to me.. especially the teachers that try their best in delegate their task..Although they are not well, still came to class ensure their students did not miss out any lectures.. ensure that no one will fail examination..but we did not care about it..

THANK YOU ALLAH.................................................

MH's advice:

"Although u always came late to class, but try dont be absent. please..."
"Come late to class is better rather than not attend the class.."


  1. hope ilmu yang diajar oleh guru diberkati..

  2. alhamdulillah,,this claz is ending with a lot of memory...beatiful memory,,,so let struggle 4 final xam lak:)


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