Wednesday, October 20, 2010

20 10 2010


Hai semua.. Maaf agak sibuk sedikit sejak due menjak nie. =) So, any interesting moments/events happened to u on this nice date (20 10 2010)? For MH some good news and some not really good to hears. Hmmmmm...

1) MH College

Sometimes other expectations differ from us. MH's marks for group asgment esspecially for my part got 0.. So, afffected groupmates' marks. Theres no marks for my creativity although had been written in black white, there is supposed to has the marks for my creativity. its seem that my creativity just like a dustbin.. My content are not parallel with my creativity. Maybe I should struggling hard for my final.. Thats the last resort I can do. In the same time, Im feel so,so,so,so guilty to all my groupmates. Only my part got 0, dragged others marks went down. BUT STILL THANKFUL TO ALLAH BECAUSE OUR LECTURER STILL GAVE THE PASS MARKS FOR US. ALHAMDULILLAH.. im quite depress but just to be cool condition.. 

2) MH World

1st time MH pergi pasar mlm sorang2.. dah pergi sorang2 ni, phm2 jela. jln laju gile nk g sane, pastu bli nasi + air terus belah. HAHAHA.. this is 1 of the way make me to feel good after what had happened to me (text MH college above it).

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