Friday, September 3, 2010

Merdeka-Happy Belated Birthday-Voting


MERDEKA!!!! Hope Malaysia will be in peace forever..Amin,amin,amin. Merdeka in English is Independent Day.

Sorry 4 the lated wish on 1st september 1989.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! this is 2nd time ur birhday on the month of Ramadhan. hope MH always be happy, more mature in making any decisions, more strong in facing all the test from ALLAH, more good deeds.. Insya Allah.. Amin,amin,amin.. TQ 4 wishes from all.. MH quite touching and didnt realize that im now 21st. Oh.. =)

1 more thing, so MH can participate in voting!! hahaha..=P when next election in Malaaysia? rumors said coming soon n just around the corner... oh really?? just wait, see n vote.hihihihi....


  1. happy belated besday.. happy voting! then, don't forget to register first. :D

  2. ::YANI::

    hehe.. have u register?? lets do it together..=P


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