Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Clash Of the Viewz : : Malaysia & Its Competitiveness in FUTURE::


Last night MH went to the academic talk concerning Malaysia Competitiveness in Future whether Malaysia able to become a competitive country or not in the future.  In simple words, it is Malaysia will be rich & richer or vice-versa. This talk has invited 4 panels/ speakers:

1) Yang Berhormat KHAIRY JAMALUDDIN (Chief of UMNO Youth) 

2) Brother SHAMSUL ISKANDAR (Chief of KEADILAN Youth)

3) Dr. MARZUKI (Prime Minister's Department)

4) Dr. ZOHDI (Lecturer of Science & Technology, University of Malaya)

Various views and clash of the views regarding this matter.Divided into TWO categories/ views:

1) Yes, Malaysia will become the Competitive country - KJ & Dr. Marzuki

2) No, Malaysia wont be the Competitive country - Shamsul & Dr. Zohdi

As a thinking community, we should not accept totally what they have said or in Malay "jgn terima bulat2". Thats their views, we need a holistic/ whole views to evaluate whats really going on in Malaysia's Politics.

**BUT thats not my focus concern. theres something wrong with the talk.. which occured unequal gender. where is from the women views? all the speakers were men and only the woman was the chairman. It cannot be considered as holistic speech in my view where the women was excluded from this session.. =( **

**PLUS im enjoy seeing various types of people when its come to the POLITICS.. with the humours from the audiences as well from politicians and all panels.. =) **

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