Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Besday Bdk Comey @ Radix House


Besday Gurl

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wt bdk comey yg ske sgt senyom herot.. senyum senget la.haha..

da 20 thn, so u should act as 20 years old to k. smile always.. hepi always.. May Allah bless u and all of us. Luv u so much!! dont know wat i'll do if ur x here wif me.. u r gud assisstant plus GOOD n THE BEST EVER SISTER 4 ME. im so hepi n glad that Allah gave speechless gift 4 me so i kn sakat2 u always2 eh?? haha...

**Be good person,good daughter,good sister,good niece,good cousins,good fren,good students**

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