Monday, May 3, 2010

International Relations & Quiz


MH bru masuk kls international relations..1 of the subjects under minor in political science. kls ok. sir pn ok..

tp xtahan sbb maraton 3 jam..haha!! PERGH!!

by Keith L. Shimko 2nd edition

k'BLUR-an td dlm kls. mane x nye, MH dh missed 2 kls sbb MH bru add dis subject lor. bkn ponteng

ek..=P plus ade some words that MH cannot catch up bcoz unfamiliar with those words. tp best dgr sir bg

lecture..=> td crite psl WW I, WW II & COLD WAR. a little bit histories. sbb

political science interrelated with history. nope2.. foundation 4 all things adalah HISTORY. setuju ke x, tu lah

realiti nya..
and this wednesday ade quiz chapter 1, yg mane MH bru masuk kls n ade quiz. doakn MH ye leh jwb quiz IR nie..

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