Thursday, April 29, 2010

PRU 13


PRU tu ape ek??? Pilihan Raya Umum der... Bagi pendapat MK, ape2 tindakn yg diambil oleh goverment,

akn mberi kesan jangka panjang n pendek..

if the rakyat x satisfied wif the goverment, maybe the ruling party will go to another party.. it is not possible,as

we could see wats happen on the last election..

MK x sabar nk g daftar as a voter..=) tp xtau la nk register at which area. sbb sllu pindah-randah. my

producer said, its better if u register the place where u stay a result, will get the

benefits of development in there.. but if u register at ur 'kampung', only people at ur 'kampung' will get

benefits n u which stay at the 'bandar'..wat u get?

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