Saturday, April 10, 2010

Clash of the Titans


The tale story of the Perseus which he tries to seek revenge upon the God Hades for killing his adopted family..

It touchs on our belief to Gods..many Gods..

hero: Perseus the son of god zeus <half man half god>
heroin: Io <so sweet2> 
for those Muslim who want to watch this movie, pls hold ur faith firmly to Allah n not these Goddesses

tale story

When  we forget on the God,automatically the God will punish us..

When it comes in Islam..

Only ALLAH n ALLAH is our God..

And ALLAH is the only ONE..

He doest not has son either parents..

when MK watched this movie, it is a little bit testing my Faith on ALLAH..

Oh! My Lord! My God! My ALLAH S..W.T..

U r the only ONE.. theres no zeus,hades n bla2.....

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